Peroni – Passagio.



To activate Peroni’s sponsorship of four fashion events, we treated visitors to a truly innovative experience. Using a polarized mirror and a hacked video wall, we created the perfect fashionista mini break – transporting them from the event space into a world of Italian chic.

Working closely with the REBORN team was inspiring. Their mix of creative and technical skills produced a truly innovative experience for our brand – and they’re a pleasure to work with.

Prudence Riley, Brand Manager, Peroni – Carton & United Breweries

Project type.

Digital innovation


Food & drink / Fashion


Strategy / Brand / Creative / User experience / Technology / Media / Digital innovation


In the world of fashion, people are surrounded by artistry and originality. They have come to expect the unexpected. So making sure Peroni stood out in this discerning environment required us to do something truly innovative – the digital equivalent of haute couture.


How do you teleport somebody to the Italian Riviera? This was the question we asked our digital innovation team. After experimenting with 3D cameras, real-time background subtraction and Pepper’s ghost technique, we arrived at the answer.

Using a hacked video wall and a polarized mirror, we turned a white booth into a different world. Lifelike audio completed the sensory immersion, enveloping visitors in Italian chic. The experience announced Peroni’s event sponsorship in style, cementing the brand’s position as synonymous with Italian cool.